Source International

About Us

Source International was established in 2004 by a team of professionals from the Pulp, Paper & Tissue industries. Engr. Kamrul Hasan have been associated with paper industry since 1996 in various capacities and category of Paper & Tissue Industries. He have technical, management and sales experience dating back over 26 years.

Engineering, marketing, sales management and procurement background gives us the ability to provide cost effective solutions in a professional and knowledgeable manner. We know our business, how our customers are organized and operate and what their requirements are with respect to quality. We are focussed on serving the customer. No wonder, we have experienced steady growth over the years.

In order to serve the customer better, we have established associates manufacturer & principles  in India, China & Europe.


Offering our greetings, we would like to state that we believe in your supports have created a bright, promising path ahead of us in order to act just as your trust deserves. In all sincerity, the management and personnel of “Source International” constant quality promotion, institutionalization of innovation, and adherence to the ethical principles and codes of conduct as the basis for customer-orientation. We wish that our efforts to derive your satisfaction had given you the taste of calm and confidence, and that you would assist us once again in implementing development programs and utilizing the new plans. It is hoped that enjoyment of this success will please you.

Engr. Kamrul Hasan
Source International


To supply good quality paper machine with the latest technology for making paper at an affordable cost.


To be recognized regionally and internationally recognized leader in commodity of Pulp & Paper Making Industries.


► Collaboration: We work together.
► Innovation: We embrace change.
► Accountability: We do the right things. 
► Excellence: We strive to be the best. 
► Respect: We value everyone

Position Statement


Representing Quality , Cost Effective and Latest Technology products for high results.


We believe engineering is the heart of our organization and stress the importance of obtaining print position. With this in mind, we emphasize that 80% of sales calls be made with Design Engineers. We believe technical seminars and engineering sales calls are imperative to be successful.


Source International will consider all the renown and Europe standard principal as their products are highly compatible. Our philosophy is to supply best quality products by doing this, we are able to discuss several principals during each engineering sales call and work at a high degree of efficiency.